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Picture Quote Monday (Change)


“You cannot change what happened but you can change what will happen next.”

-Marc Meyer


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Picture Quote Monday (Reach)

Picture Quote Monday (Reach)

“Picture where you want to be in life and reach for it every day.”
-Marc Meyer

Picture Quote Monday (Starting)

“Maybe starting is just the push you need to achieve what you want out of life.”
– Marc Meyer

Picture Quote Monday

Picture Quote Monday

“I shall just smile my way into a better mood.”
– Marc Meyer

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December Quotes by Marc Meyer

Over the past many years I have been writing quotes. Over the past about year and a half or so I have been writing quotes for everyday Monday thru Thursday. I regret to say that I will no longer be posting new daily quotes everyday. I will most likely repost good ones from the past. I will still come up with new ones once in a while I will just not be coming up with so many. None the less below are all the ones from December. HAPPY NEW YEAR, may 2014 be more positive for you.

“Level Ground is no successful path, you need to reach higher and dig deeper.”

“I have the determination of a hawk looking for his dinner in a snow storm. I am not going to stop till I find what I want.”

“Guilt sadness and negativity. Free Spirit, happiness, and positivism. We can choose what consumes us!”

“May my gratitude and determination seep through my everyday life and point me toward my dreams.”

“School is only one medium of continued learning, there are many others.”

“The more positive questions you put in your head the more hope you are giving yourself for a more fulfilling future.”

“There is no passion in waiting for something. GO AFTER IT!”

“You can only get stronger when you try!”

“Make a difference, not only to yourself but to those around you and the world you live in.”

A life of gratitude is a positive life indeed.”

“If you have a spark in you, don’t wait to do something about it.”

“Every completed challenge should always inspire you for the next.”

“You cannot help others if you do not love what you are doing for them.”

“In a world were kindness seems to be dying, love is a strength that will keep it alive.”

“There is only one thing that can stop everything. True love!”

“It is not the quality of the house, It is the quality of those within that matters most.”

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