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Picture Quote Monday

Picture Quote Monday

“There are things in your past that you may regret, but today your life can be better. Just be grateful for what you have learned instead of dwelling on what you may have missed.”
-Marc Meyer


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Picture Quote Monday

Picture Quote Monday

“Friendship is a path to love. Love is a path to trust. Trust is a path to friendship.”
– Marc Meyer

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Picture Quote Monday

Picture Quote Monday

“Forgive those who have wronged you and praise those who inspire you.”
– Marc Meyer


October Quotes by Marc Meyer

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“You can’t build a relationship without a friendship.”

“Embrace those traditions you don’t enjoy for the sake of those you love and the positivism will be spread through everyone.

“You can only benefit from what you believe in!”

“You don’t learn from perfection you learn from your efforts toward  perfection.”

“In friendship a risk for trust we take every time. It is worth the risk”

“Love your life and find those that love you for it.”

“The outcome of life’s challenges define who we are, who we want to be and who we will be in the future.”

“If you don’t find something positive in all negatives you are simply not looking.”

“When you center yourself all that come to mind is positive.”

“We should open ourselves up to try new things all our lives, you never know what kind of positive impacts you will encounter.”

“Drama should be ignored and positivism should be followed.”

“There are many paths in life, make sure you take the one that is right for YOU!”

“Keep things on your mind that always make you smile.”

” If you make time to read you make time to succeed!”

“There is no obstacle to large or to difficult for the determined mind.”

“You are never at the end, only the beginning of something new.”

“Don’t wait around for maybes in your life, get a more confident answer or move on.”

“Sometimes great things come slow but the pace of your heart should never change.”

“I am Kind, I am caring, I am sensitive, I am weird, I am funny, I am forgiving, I am strong, I am me!”