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Picture Quote Monday

Picture Quote Monday

“You don’t learn from perfection you learn from your efforts toward perfection.”
– Marc Meyer

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Picture Quote Monday

Picture Quote Monday

“If you don’t find something positive in all negatives you are simply not looking.”

Picture Quote Monday

Picture Quote Monday

“There are many paths in life, make sure you take the one that is right for YOU!”
– Marc Meyer

Picture Quote Monday

Picture Quote Monday

“You are never at the end, only the beginning of something new.”
– Marc Meyer

September Quotes


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“Be grateful for the rough times in your life, they strengthen your appreciation for the times that are meant to be.”

“When one thing in your life is not working don’t stop, the rest of your life still is.”

“Giving to others without expectation strengthens your soul.”

“Always put forth more than you hope to receive back.”

“If you don’t have big goals in your life you aspire to you are nuts.”

“Every good wave breaks, but there is always more coming. Every good thing might come to an end but there is always more coming!”

“Treat every new person in your life as the beginning of something wonderful.”

“Follow your heart try everything, it is never too late.”

“There is so much beauty hidden in the darkest parts of our lives.”

“When you feel like you have lost all hope, there will still be a little spark of inspiration that will burn all of those feelings away. Find your spark.”

“There will be many downs on my path but when I am going up I am like a positive firecracker.”

“A good friend is there for you. A best friend checks up on you the next day.”

“Let your personality shine brighter than those who try to darken your spirit.”

“You have to keep your feet on the ground to keep moving forward in life.”

“If you can smile through a bad day, you are all set for the next day.”

“Sometimes you just have to let go of everything and see what is still hanging on.”

“When reaching for bigger things the smaller inconveniences matter less.”


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