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Picture Quote Monday

Picture Quote Monday

“Be grateful for the rough times in your life, they strengthen your appreciation for the times that are meant to be.”

-Marc Meyer


August Quotes

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“Looks don’t go farther than caching your eye, it is everything else that captures your heart.”

“Instincts are not an answer for all of life’s challenges, but the chances you take from the challenges are always a learning experience.”

“Don’t run from your problems, run at them, face them and solve them.”

“Every day could be harder than the last but tomorrow you should always have hope for something better.”

“Take life and love for everything it is right now, not for what it was. Love everything in life, and prove it!”

“Don’t just try everything, learn something from everything you try.”

“If you can’t sleep, get up and make the best of your time while awake.”

“We must be true to ourselves, only then can our heart find true greatness.”

“Make friendships with everyone, they are more exciting than enemies.”

“You put up walls to protect yourself from the bad, but you are also keeping yourself from the good. If you tear down the wall and combat the bad you can use all the good as your allies.”

“Hope just may lie in those dreams that have not been envisioned yet.”

“Clean all the dirt out of your life and start polishing your future.”

“On the road of inspiring others you find those that inspire you.”

“I am not here to make you do anything and I am not here to make you feel bad if you don’t. Everything you do should be up to you, not anyone else.”

“Life is a game, and I am making the rules.”

“some people complain, some people conquer!”