Monthly Archives: June 2013

May Quotes

“I am not looking for a challenging life, but I am looking to learn from every challenge.”

“I am not out seeking a pay check, I am out seeking the qualities of life.”

“I am not in search of just another interest, I am in search of beliefs.”

“When you get a taste of success in any part of your life it is fuel to keep succeeding. So get out there and start sampling.”

“One step closer to the top, EVERYDAY!”

“You cannot change what happened but you can change what will happen next.”

“Confidence is not driving on the same path as others, it is driving on your own path with the help of others.”

“Following someone else you only learn what they know, you have to create your own path of knowledge to learn more.”

“Happiness is everywhere. The only question is how bad do you want to find it?”

“Finding a job is like Battleship, you have to keep applying random places till you get a hit, but then you need to keep following up with it till you sink the job.”

“Take chances you otherwise never would and you may discover something you otherwise never will.”

“I shall do all I can and wait until I can do something else.”

“If you wait too long it is time to start something new.”

“I always try to keep my glass full, you just have to find the right things to keep it that way.”


“Starts with your heart, goes to your mind, than out your mouth. There is plenty of time to make sure you say the right thing.”

“sometimes you need to see the bottom before you can look up and see what great opportunitiesĀ  are out there for you.”

“life is hard work if you want to do anything with it.”

“The challenge of finding ourselves is a never ending journey.”

“Sometimes you have to miss good things to get to the better things”