Monthly Archives: May 2013

April Quotes

“Your future is just like learning to walk, one foot in front of the other and when you fall get up and keep trying.”

“In silence you accomplish nothing. With communication you can do everything.”

“Turn your arrogant power into educated power and you shall go farther then ever.”

“Those that believe in me trust my creative path that I take. If I fall I can laugh about it when I get up, If I succeed there is no doubt about it, creativity will follow.”

“When time has passed are you happy with what you have done so far?”

“It takes one spark of happiness to make the whole day positive. Why not just wake up with a smile and you are set!”

“my path up to today will be bigger tomorrow.”

“Sometimes you have to make tough choices. Just make sure every single one is going to make you happy.”

“There are far more good people in this world than bad, it is the people you choose to focus on that really determines how you view the world we live in.”

“No matter how many people it takes to screw your head back on, be grateful they are all in your life!”

“When your mind is over flowing with thoughts you just have to go with your gut!”

“The best relationships are with those that know every negative about you and still love you.”

“It’s up to you to decide the difference! When you do nothing, nothing will change. When you are determined to try everything, you can be as different as you want to be.”

“Believe in yourself and everything else falls into place.”

“Just take a chance that beautiful things will happen.”

“Encourage challenges in your life, that is where you are learning.”

“Always be trying your best, nothing else is going to work as well.”

“Always remember to search for good in your day when you are having a bad one. You will always find it.”

“Always be ready for good things to happen to you at anytime.”

“Be that domino that stands tall even when all the rest lean on you to fall.”