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March Quotes

Here is all of my quotes from March, CHECK THEM OUT! I will be doing this every month with my quotes. Please continue to follow me via this blog, UPwithmarc, Twitter, and Facebook, for the daily quotes, Famous quote Friday, and positive blog posts.

This blog is merely a place to publicly show all of my quotes in one spot. I am so grateful for those of you who follow me, Thank you all so much.

“The moment you feel helpless but then you realize there is a lot of good people around wanting to help you.”

“Your mistakes in business should be your motivation to never stop learning from them”

“If you can listen to a speaker and feel their emotions you know they are doing a great job”

“My heart is still with everyone I love and support, but my body is climbing higher than it has ever been.”

“Stop trying to impress everyone and just start being yourself and you will impress those that matter most.”

“People that know you best see who you are. People that don’t know you can’t see who you are if you are trying to be someone you are not.”

“You can strive to be like someone that is as successful as you want to be, but don’t lose sight of who you are in the process.”

“Be someone you are not, you will never stop trying. Be yourself and you will never have to try.”

“Everything you do in life starts with a smile and as long as you keep smiling Ultra Positivism will never end!”

“Simply smiling gives you the momentum to keep smiling!”

“Some try to forget, I choose to smile and move on.”

“The more you smile the more you are prepared for what life throws at you each day.”