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February Quotes

Here is all of my quotes from February, CHECK THEM OUT! I will be doing this every month with my quotes. Please continue to follow me via this blog, UPwithmarc, Twitter, and Facebook, for the daily quotes, Famous quote Friday, and positive blog posts.

This blog is merely a place to publicly show all of my quotes in one spot. I am so grateful for those of you who follow me, Thank you all so much.

“Greatness is within the observer, I merely try my best to be the greatness that is observed.”

“When you are not pushing yourself to tears when you fail, you are not trying hard enough. Get back up and get back out there.”

“When the time is right there is no time to mess around!”

“We all know what we know, but sometimes it takes others to tell us what we already know and it can mean something totally different.”

 “Originality and positivism is not all about doing what everyone else is, or what everyone else is telling you to do. It is not about definitions. It is about being your true self, it is about finding the positives in every part of your lives, pointing out other peoples positives, and being grateful for everything along the way.”

“Life is a puzzle and every day we are finding the right pieces to put it together.”

“If you ever get lost start counting all the awesome things and people in your life to find yourself.”

“If you are not learning something new every day you are just standing still.”

“There is only one difference between me and the best, I am always trying my best to be better.”

“I will make a difference. Don’t wait for it, look for it!”

“When you look behind yourself briefly, you really see why the pieces in front of you fit so well.”

“Meet everyone, they all can help you and you can help all of them.”

“I am not here to change your life, I am here to change the way you think about your life.”

“To love everything all you have to do is put all your heart into it!”

“Each heartbeat is a sign you are still alive. Each heartbeat is an opportunity to let others know that they are too.”

“Find out where your heart is, that is where the rest of your life will be.”

“Never blindfold your heart, it will always see better than your eyes.”