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January Quotes


For those of you who have missed any of the quotes I came up with in January, and posted on Facebook and Twitter they are all here in one spot! CHECK THEM OUT! I will be doing this every month with my quotes. Please continue to follow me via this blog, UPwithmarc, Twitter, and Facebook, for the daily quotes, Famous quote Friday, and positive blog posts.

I am grateful for those of you who follow me, Thank you all so much.


– “I have failed today, but I have learned my lesson for tomorrow.”

– “Every idea in my head turns into quotes, but my only hope is to inspire at least one person everyday from them.”

– “If you can feel the emotion of a speaker from across the room, you know you are listening to a great person.”

– “If you never go where you need to be, you are never going to get where you want to be.”

– “When you achieve one goal ALWAYS make another one.”

– “If you don’t have a positive attitude toward everyone you are still going to attract the wrong people.”

– “You are not alone, when you fall or fail there are many people to help you get back up and try again.”

– “Don’t go into things expecting them to be easy, if you are not challenged You are not learning.”

– “Embrace honesty, otherwise it is your own future you are lying too.”

– “You can reach as high as you want, just be grateful for the ladders people give you on the way up.”

– “Picture where you want to be in life and reach for it every day.”

– “The finished result is not as important as the journey there.”

– “One day down an eternity to grow!”

– “If your heart is not involved your body should not be either.”

– “A little gratitude goes a long way, Imagine if you fill your life with gratitude.”

– “Sticking to goals sometimes means getting thru many obstacles. The challenge only lies in your determination for success.”

– “A true friendship has no depth of purpose in ones life.”

– “If you reach out to someone and they don’t reach back it is their lose not yours.”

– “I stand without nerves before what is new, but I travel thru my heart to seek what is real.”

– “I stand alone before what is new, but I grasp your hand to seek what is real.”