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Quotes from 2012

Here is a long list of my current quotes. After this I will be compiling posts on a monthly basis that consist of quotes I had written currently.

– “You need to create the first steps for helpful hands to follow, no one is going to tell you where to walk.”

-“Don’t forget to care about yourself, for there are those that you care about in your life that will never forget to care about you too.”

-“We are all meant for everything we reach for!”

-“Be inspired by all the people in your life and be grateful for all they have to offer to it.”

-“Embarrassment is only achieved by lack of confidence in the pursuit of your goals!”

-“I am weird….That does not make me a bad person, just a confident and original one.”

-“Give your fingers a rest, and give your voice chance”

-“Communication is the cure for all assumptions.”
So if you are SICK of assuming, just start communicating

-“There is a certain elegance of emotions you can feel within the absence of words.”

-“When you receive a compliment just take it for what it is, don’t stop to figure out why!”

-“When one way does not work try another.”

-“There are many ways to get to where you want to be, how many things will you try to get there?”

-”You can look into their eyes and fall in love, but only when your eyes join in the same outward direction can you find the truest and most lasting attraction.”

-“Ask yourself: What is stopping you from loving everything as much as the things you love the most in life?”

-“Love has no rules. We as humans judge the definitions to harshly. Follow the love that feeds your heart and societies rejections will be no match for the true love you share with one another.”

-“Don’t hold your love back waiting for the one, share your love with all and the one shall find you.”

-“Life is not about what you could be doing, it is about what you are doing right now.”
Are you doing what you want to be doing? If not its only up to you to change that.”

-“When you are chasing after something it is not always smart to run!”

-“The more you free yourself from negatives, the more good things you begin to discover about yourself.

-“Even the most positive of us have down days. Life is not perfect for any one person, all we can do is go out and make the best of each day as they come. Pass each challenge as they are put upon us, and always be ready for the next one. If you can wake up with a smile and fall asleep with a smile, no matter what happens in between you can at least believe in yourself that it has been a good day.”

-“Sometimes you try so hard to do the right thing only to realize it could be the wrong thing. Just be yourself and let things happen as they may. Your faults and mistakes will be understood and accepted by those that matter most.”

-“Walk your life with an open heart, and don’t make love something to hide!”

-“You can focus on today and still be excited about the future to come. The anticipation of future plans can lead to a more bountiful today and good things cannot be missed if you are ready to see them.”

-“Be patient and enjoy the good things in your life. No need to rush into the things you love or are falling in love with.”

-“Sticking to goals sometimes means getting thru many obstacles. Your success rides with your determination to drive thru these obstacles.”

-“Don’t stumble on the goals that you have missed and mistakes you have made. Create new dates and learn from your mistakes.

-“A busy lifestyle can be rewarding, but make sure you give yourself some breaks, sometimes to relax, some time to recharge!”

-“Don’t hide the things you love in life. SHOW THE WORLD how much you love them!”

-“There will always be positives in situations that you don’t agree with. The only way you cannot see them is if you are not looking.”

-“Respect other people’s opinions and choices even if they do not respect yours. You are the one that is better off in the long run.”

-“When you find someone and realize you do not NEED to be with that person but you WANT to be with them, that is friendship, that is true love.”

-“Do not lower your expectations for great things. You want to look for the best in others, but you also want others to look for the best in you. You cannot expect greatness unless you give greatness.”

-“Patience brings great things. Strive for what you want but be patient with the results.”

-“With risk comes consequence. Some outcomes are good some are bad, but if you don’t try you have nothing. I would rather embarrass myself trying then wonder what could have happened.”

-“Don’t tell yourself that Mondays suck, start making an effort to make them awesome. You are in charge of your days, not everyone else.”

-‎”Today could have been something great. Today I shed the last tears as life shows me better opportunities in the future. The only thing stronger than being positive is love. It is a big world out there and I am going to love all of it!”

-“Positivism, Gratitude, Empathy, Love…..Be positive about everything, be grateful for everything, Be sympathetic towards others differences and love everything in life.”

-“What does the day have that you don’t? Each day has everything you need, you just need to go after it”

-‎”Small or big, good deeds make you feel better.”

-“Don’t settle down on great memories, always be creating new ones!”

-“Put more effort into yourself then into your job. Only then can you lead a rich lifestyle.”

-“Everyone has different ways to make them happy. TRY ALL OF THEM!”

-“The more amazing days we have in our lives the easier it will be to just walk past the bad ones.”

-“Daily we experience a variety of change. Why not concentrate more on the changes for the better?”

-“The only time you should change is when being yourself does not make you happy. You cannot find the happiness you seek in others until you can discover it within yourself.”

-‎”Lose the notion of having to be right. In this effort you will find more happiness within yourself”

-“I’m not like the rest”

-“We all have bad days. Create good days to destroy the bad days!”

-“Your success is something attracted by the person you have become.”

-“Your best friends favorite albums are the broken records of your life. They will listen to you thru hard times and new beginnings, and they will be happy to listen to it again.”

-“Football is just a game….if we had people reefing our everyday lives how many bad calls would be made? Take everything you hear in do in life and learn how to improve yourself instead of pointing out how bad others are.”


-“There is no end to the happiness you can find in life, all you have to do is keep looking.”

-“Go after everything you want in life, full throttle. If you run out of gas it is FREE to fill up on motivation to keep going.”

-“A life without risk is simply a life you will never see. Take risks everywhere in your life, the best things that could happen are immeasurable.”

-“Maybe starting is just the push you need to achieve what you want out of life.”

-“You can try to walk this world alone and succeed but when you utilize the powers of family and friends you can certainly succeed in greater things.”

-“You don’t need to be well known to share a great idea with the world. Often it is those great ideas that make you well known.”

-“Others seem to have it better because they believe they have it better. You can believe that you have it better too, but you will never appreciate having more, until you can learn to appreciate, what you already have.”

-“On a rainy day it is the sun in our hearts that guides us forward.”

-“Time flies if you are having fun or not, so make the best of everyday!”

-“Things you love may leave your mind but they never leave your heart!”

-“Devote your life to loving others, Embrace those that love you in return and respect those that do not understand.”

-“Feed your mind the same thing you feed your stomach, things that you love!”

-“If you give more attention to bad thoughts, those thoughts are going to bury you in a negative environment. Why not bury yourself with good thoughts instead, to put yourself in a more positive environment?”

-“Things change all our lives, we just need to accept it and be grateful for every part of it. There is gratitude to be found in all things good or bad.”

-“If you can walk away from major experiences in your life and learn just one good thing about yourself in the process, it makes every experience worthwhile. Enjoy your life, it is yours!”

-“The ball is rolling, one at a time things shall piece together.”

-If I look stupid doing something, I can at least tell myself that I am trying.”

-“Life has many hurdles. When you trip over one you have to get up and be ready for the next one to finish and win!”

-“Pay more attention to the good parts of your life. The bad parts don’t deserve the attention.”

-“It does not matter how hard or easy my life gets. Everyone says, “everything happens for a reason”, and I know I can be satisfied knowing that I have been trying my best the whole time!”

-“You cannot grab anything in your life without reaching for it.”

-“It’s better to make an ass out of yourself trying then to do nothing at all!”

-“Everything in nature is good, but not always good for you. Every person has good in them, but not always good for you!”

-“Never have I claimed to be the best, But never has it stopped me from trying my best! Thats all anyone should ask for out of you, to try your best.”

-“If you at least begin your day with a smile you are off to a great start!”

-“Communication is the best part of any kind of relationship!”

-“If people want to try and help you, LET THEM. If people want to talk to you, LISTEN. Anyone that shows they care, SHOW YOU CARE!”

-““A person who gives positive thoughts to others around them will bring the positive thoughts out of those people and in turn drawback to themselves with more positives. The same goes for negatives. There are good people and bad people, ultimately you make your life what it is, and it is your choice who you want to be a part of it.””

-“When life has you feeling like you have nothing left to lose, it’s time to start taking more chances on new things in your life.

-At the face of risk you ask yourself “what do I have to lose? I have only to gain!””

-“Its easy to go around getting people to feel sorry for you in troubled times, but it takes lifetime friendships to stick around, put up with you and help you till you can pull out of those bad times.”

-“Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and reevaluate your life in order to move farther forward. What is next for me?
Things in life don’t just happen I have to try my best, reach for what I love and make it happen. Happen it will!”

-““We learn geology the morning after the earthquake.”(Ralph Waldo Emerson) We learn true love the morning after a heartbreak.”

– “All you need is one person to believe in you to succeed. Now that one person is gone, and I realize again that dozens of people believe in me still. :)”

-“This is the hardest I have ever fought to stay positive. 😦 ready….go!”

-“I shall just smile my way into a better mood.”

-“No success story is void of failures. All you can do is stay positive and stay strong and continue to try your best.”

-“Some days you will wake up and realize the world around you is different. Mother Nature has changed, society has changed, your family has changed, your friends have changed, and YOU have changed. What once was, is now different. What once was may have never been what you really thought it was, and now it’s different. Walk forward in your days, not backwards. Embrace what you have learned, embrace what makes you happy. Walk past those that have no positive impact on your life, and forgive those that are worthy. Never forget what made you the way you are today. Never forget the memories that lighten up your life. Stay positive and watch all the negativity disappear.”

-“With success comes failure. Reward is from the path to your goals!”

-“Everyday life is a huge distraction from things and people that used to be important! Only after having to much fun do you stop and realize what you have missed…..once you finally realize this, it is really messed up to try to find reasoning. No matter how awesome your life is there is always a time capsule of memories inside of you. It’s not really up to you when it opens itself up. Don’t fill your life with regret, fill it with everything that makes you happy.”

– “Every person deserves a chance to be something great to someone else. If what is great about you is not appreciated, it is time to try someone else. Those who listen to your life are far greater friends then those who ignore your efforts.”

– “He/She who has the brush, gets the kitty!”

– “People are creatures of habit and conveniences. They also fear change. People are habitually on Facebook on their smart phone and when Facebook makes a change people are quick to bitch about it. There are so many things in our world people complain about. There is so many more things that are wonderful in life that are almost never heard. Tell me something wonderful about your day your life or just something awesome!”